Is Social Capital Hedosophia (IPOE) Stock A Better Buy At $16 Now?

Earlier in the year, there has been considerable interest among special purpose acquisition companies or SPACs among investors. Many of those stocks had recorded considerable gains but in recent times there has been a drastic cooling off in interest.

However, it might be a bit premature for investors to totally ditch a stock like Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings V(NYSE:IPOE). The SPAC is looking to acquire SoFi and eventually take it public. It is a deal that has excited plenty of investors.

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However, the proof of the excitement is not being seen in the price action in Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings stock. There is considerable hesitancy at this point. In addition to that, after having hit a high back in February this year, the stock has declined by 35%. Investors who are interested in making a long-term investment might however see the decline as an opportunity and perhaps start tracking it.

Uson Abdilazhanov

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