Is South Beach Spirits (SBES) Stock Not Dead Yet?

On Friday from $0.0008 to $0.0013 South Beach Spirits (OTC: SBES) shot up 62.50% on 445,326,854 shares without recent news. The company has a Twitter account but the last update was in February 2022. However, its website doesn’t work and the domain name points to third-party commercials.

SBES shares rocketed by artificial money injection

Since 2015 the stock has been facing stagnation mostly and only two big bumps happened in April and June of 2015 after the company got bankrupt most likely. Currently, some buyers are probably trolling SBES by purchasing its penny shares without fearing that it is already inactive for 7 years. Getting the stock that has no website, no activity on Twitter, and no recent moves, is signing a phony agreement with an invisible company.

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