Is Terra (Luna) Recovering This Month?

No one imagined how far the crypto market crash could go. If stable coins keep depreciating ordinary traders should forget to worry about volatile ones while Terra is trying to erase zeros first to give enough confidence to buyers and the community is persisting to pump it as stronger as it can when Terra USD is the number one coin to get direct aid. Over 200% LUNA popped in the last 24 hours.

The idea of decentralized finance in crypto was not to trade coins in exchanges though. Just like stocks, the cryptos became the first targets of whales who do not obviously care about supporting Defi.

Terra isn’t the only victim in this terrible market. Even coins of big exchanges are facing it through various survival tools such as staking, launchpads, lotteries, and many more. If Terra has its own exchange it could possibly avoid this trouble.

However, LUNA’s microscopic price definitely gives a big chance to give birth to several millionaires even this year. Today, it has three zeros. If the community support continues in this rhythm the coin may jump until the end of this summer.