Is Thunder Bridge Acquisition II All Set To Hit New Highs Soon?

In recent months, SPACs or special purpose acquisition companies have come into focus among investors in a big way and the latest one worth considering is that of Thunder Bridge Acquisition II (NASDAQ: THBR).

Is Thunder Bridge Acquisition II All Set To Hit New Highs Soon?

The Thunder Bridge stock has gained considerable momentum in recent times and this morning it has recorded gains of as high as 3% so far. The interest in the stock could be due to the fact that Thunder Bridge is going to help in bringing the Autotech solutions innovation company indie Semiconductor public through a business combination.

It has emerged that additional anti-trust action is not going to be needed regarding the transaction and on top of that, the companies are expecting to announce the closure of the deal at some point in spring this year. The transaction is an important one for Thunder Bridge and considering indie’s track record of innovation it is easy to see why investors might be excited.

Richard McEntire

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