Is Workhorse Stock a Better Investment Play For 2021?

Electric delivery vehicles maker Workhorse Group Inc (NASDAQ: WKHS) has been in considerable focus among investors over the course of the year so far. Around two months ago, the stock had hit its peak level but since then it has been a different story.

Is Workhorse Stock a Better Investment Play For 2021?

The Workhorse stock has in fact declined by as low as 70% since hitting its peak. However, there have been other developments as well which investors need to be aware of. Last week, the Workhorse stock was given a performance rating by Oppenheimer. At the time, it was revealed that the main focus at this point is the sort of progress that the company is making with regards to its production capabilities.

Colin Rusch, the Oppenheimer analyst, stated that Workhorse Grop continues to be the leader with regards to last-mile delivery vehicles. At this point, the company makes 10 models of trucks but if Workhorse manages to raise that number then it might investors’ confidence with regards to the company’s capabilities.

Michael Rowels

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