Is XPeng A Buy In 2022?

XPeng Inc., a Guangzhou-based smart EVs development company, showed good results by the end of 2021. In November of the same year, the Chinese manufacturer sold a record number of cars in the amount of 15,613. And the following month it broke another record: car sales increased by 181% to 16,000. During the last quarter, the company had a goal to sell about 34,500-36,500 cars, but they exceeded their expectations and delivered 41,751 cars. This week shows red numbers for the company. The stock fell from $37.8 to $31.24, losing about 17%.

XPeng has 3 cars in its arsenal: P7 sports sedan, P5 family sedan, and Sport Utility Vehicle G3. The list of the best-selling cars for the last quarter consists of these three (P7: 7,459 cars, P5: 5,030 cars, G3: 3,511 cars). The characteristics of these machines at the most attractive prices have caused such an increase in sales of cars. After all, XPeng is putting a lot of effort into creating its driver aid system. Most likely, XPeng is planning for another growth this year, and last year’s revenue growth makes it clear to us about the beginning of success. In addition, the fast-charging SUV is set to hit the market in 3Q22.