ITM Power (ITM.L) Shares Roll Downhill By 44.42% During The Last Six Months: What Is Happening?

For the past six months, the company has been rapidly decreasing the price of its shares by 44.39%. However, this week the company is dealing with volatility. Currently, the value of each stock is GBp 386.00. Due to a big breakout on June 29, when the company’s shares prices were at their highs worth GBp 490.40, ITM Power has reported losses GBp of 165 million.ITM Power is a British maker of polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzers for producing hydrogen by electro-chemically splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis hydrogen is utilized for power-to-x, storage, decarbonizing industrial applications, and hydrogen for fuel cell products.

Recently, ITM Power has announced a new collaboration with the Linde company. ITM Power has announced a new cooperation with Linde. ITM Linde Electrolysis GmbH, a joint venture between Linde and ITM Power, will construct the electrolyzer utilizing high-efficiency PEM technology. The facility is scheduled to begin operations in the second half of 2022

Paul Meyer

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