J.Jill soars 64% on 2.5 million shares after surviving recent bankruptcy

Most retailers die and only a few are reborn after filing for bankruptcy. J.Jill ads itself to the list of survivors that have their penny stocks jump instantly right after announcing the restructuring of the company. Now in premarket J.Jill (JILL) pops suddenly from $0.49 to $0.81.

On Friday the stock plummeted seriously to $0.4993 while most investors feared the crisis in the market. Year to date period of slow fall looks very miserable to an analyst with an optimistic drive. However, the weekly growth is guaranteeing future growth to newbies as the reborn JILL is going to surprise with financial success.

Before the JILL is going to be expensive you may buy several thousand shares for pennies. Sparing not more than $1000 would not make you cry in case of drastic loss. As coronavirus will be over J.Jill may soar in revenue with the aid of shoppers.

Alex Krakowsky

Editor in Chief.Living in the era of dynamic tech change Alex decided to stay tuned in changes that make any person find comfort and adapt to new devices. Furthermore, gaming became his passion for spending leisure time with his close ones. Although, he has a degree in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) writing for technology and as well as finance has been one of the precious aspects of his life