Joby Stock Surges 25% In a Month: Should You Buy?

Futuristic Joby is fighting for the rights of flying taxis in the U.S. The next territory might be UAE, UK, and EU as they have strong markets that can afford the luxury transport for the next years of a beta version. After electric vehicles become normal for masses air taxis are the next to impress new tech-hungry markets. Right now Joby aircraft is still under a series of tests and profits are generated from changing the value of stock warrants and some income tax benefits while sales are not happening yet.

If you really do not care about your additional cash just buy Joby shares now and forget them. In 2024 you might make a huge fortune upon launching Joby’s commercial passenger service. Currently, the stock is boring and uncertain factors may hit the company before even starting its business operations.

On Friday JOBY stock could gain 12.20% resulting in recovery from February 3 loss. We are afraid the stock might become a kicking ball of day traders before the company starts running a real business (supply chain, production, outsourcing, marketing, sales).

joby stock