JOE Surges 26%: Time To Buy?

On the chart for the last day, JOE was increasing from $1.99 to $2.60 with small volatility. Then, it declined to $2.52 and still trading at that price. Joe is the multipurpose decentralized trading platform at the Avalanche network. It is connecting the DEX services with DeFi lending in order to suggest leveraged trading. The market capitalization of JOE is more than  $203,526,265 and the trading volume is approximately $23,207,343. Their products are managed by the community, so they are able to pay for the fees which are getting as the result of the liquidation. Avalanche (AVAX) | Binance ResearchAlso, it can provide the users with the swaps back with the help o the staking mechanism JOE/xJOE. Additionally, JOE is awarding the holders with a little part of the revenues of exchange. If you are taking into consideration to buy or to sell the JOE, you should better choose Trader Joe. Currently, the innovation is on the 274 places among the other tokens. 

Agneta Johansen

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