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Joker 2 Might Happen To Answer What Was In Arthur’s Head, The Real Joker Is Still In Arthur’s Mind

The top-grossing film of October leaves some questions unanswered and makes fans watch again. For example, an owner of John Talks Youtube channel says that he will watch again to spot any skipped moment from the film.

I admit I could skip several moments that could be key for a mystery that the film contains. However, I am so sure that Fleck is not transformed into Joker yet. Here’s why.

After Arthur kills the employees of Thomas Wayne on the train he lives with a shock that police would arrest him soon. Eventually, two policemen approach his mother who gets a stroke after hearing that Arthur is a potential suspect. While looking after his own mother he watches favorite Franklin Murray’s show then he imagines that Murray presents him in front of the public on the TV.

After that imagination, everything is not real. Meaning that he killed only three people, other murders are still not materialized. However, the clown based riot gets stronger. There is a solid basis for the Joker to come to the Gotham city that is facing social unrest between rich and poor. Thomas Wayne, by the way, enjoys his lucky life in the real world.

Will those murders happen as exactly as Fleck creates in his own mind? Joker’s sequel will show that unless Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix decide to unveil the film with other stories. Box office exceeds expectations by breaking the October record of all time – beating Marvel’s Venom is not surprising since the film is easy to predict. I expect half of the audience will go to theaters to watch the Joker again to find answers for the thrilling questions like “How the film actually ends in the hospital?”, “What did he do to Sophie and her daughter?”, “Did he really shoot Murray?” and “Did he kill Penny Fleck?”