Joker 2019 Film Gets $234 Million In Worldwide Box Office Just In 3 Days After Theatrical Release

Standalone DC Comic’s phenomenal Joker film of 2019 has raked up $234 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. Domestically, $93.5 million revenue was recorded in opening weekend which is fantastically mesmerizing for doubters. 60% of revenue comes from international theaters. Previously, last year’s October record high numbers had belonged to Marvel’s Venom film. Amazingly, Joker (2019) has broken that opening October record in terms of international and domestic openings.

Highly praised and big caliber actor Joaquin Phoenix made the very unique character building on Joker in 1970’s style. The movie was focused on one single character’s origin about how did he became a popular villain named Joker before the Batman’s arrival to Gotham City.

It looked so original and even actor puts his own clown makeup during the film. Many questions about Joker’s background have been answered to DC’s loyal fans. The best thing about this movie is that Bruce Wayne’s family link to Joker’s life was also touched incredibly. There will be no spoilers on this article, therefore, you have to experience this film by yourself and satisfaction is surely guaranteed when focused attention given to this masterpiece of Todd Philips.