JONES DAO Token Holders Will Be Able To Vote On Key Decisions

Jones DAO will be used to unlock the liquidity and capital efficiency of options strategies. It will also be used to unlock yield-bearing asset tokens for all DeFi users. The project is being developed by a team of experienced traders and blockchain developers. Jones DAO has already attracted over $2 million in investment from several private investors. Jones DAO also provides vaults for holding and keeping a bit set of assets for the convenience of every user of Jones DAO. It was made easily accessible with high quality and speed with hedged strategies.

JONES token holders will be able to vote on key decisions, such as electing the board of directors and setting community-wide parameters.  JONES is a digital asset designed to provide a stable and reliable store of value. It will be backed by the jAsset/Asset lending pool, which will have a minimum of 10,000 USD in assets for every 1 JONES issued. In the future, the project will allow users to create their own strategies and choose from a list of existing strategies. Strategies will be rated by performance and number of users.