JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) Stock Drops 1.49% On The Tuesday Market : What to Expect ?

JPMorgan Chase & Co collapse on Tuesday’s trade as it plummets 1.49% to $155.65. The pre-market price is even lower with an additional 0.195 loss. The after-hours price is set at $155.35. Nevertheless, the company has visibly boosted its stock prices since the spring of the last year. The stock reached its peak in May when the price climbed to $166.44.Despite promising results of the second quarter, the company saw its stock price fall. JPM has been under a lot of pressure due to the pandemic crisis. The sales are expected to decline by 9% resulting in $29.98 billion. The trading revenue is predicted to fall from $9 billion to $6 billion in the second quarter.

In other sectors, the company is doing well with profit rising significantly over the past years. JPMorgan Chase & Co earnings increased by over 120% while the banking revenue surged by 3%, as well as commercial banking revenue.

Paul Meyer

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