Jumping Penny Stock To Consider: Goff Corp (OTC: GOFF)

Under $0.50 GOFF just started popping this week. On Wednesday’s session, the stock has sharply risen from $0.2788 to $0.4502 on over four million volume. Then yesterday it was growing again; right now it is fixed at $0.4902 after 2,921,229 shares of volume has played a significant role to jump over fifty cents. Several YouTubers are watching GOFF by growing the attention of their audience that is always ready to spend some millions for the penny stock.

Since January 3 the stock has been facing a rollercoaster graph before stabilizing above 40 cents. The very suspicious part of Goff Corp is it has no website and the physical address wasn’t mentioned anywhere. So risk-averse and long squeeze focused investors are avoiding GOFF shares obviously.