K12’s Revenue and Stock Could Rise Higher Amid Trending Online Education

Since the major lockdown in the U.S K12 (NYSE: LRN) has enjoyed surging revenue and shares by putting obvious efforts into positive Q2 2020 financial results that may attract some investors so they may increase LRN till $100 in a couple of months.

On Friday LRN rose 2.68% to $47.57 on a daily volume of 1,632,030 shares. July has become a good month for K12, $18.67 change is significantly stable rise for the company with positive 12 months based EPS.

COVID-19 is pushing the education system to go online by promoting the distant study and home teaching. K12 may take a huge market share from other educational institutions by offering advanced platform. Soon several children may get used to it completely with the aid of mobile devices like tablets and laptops.