Kaival Brands Innovations Renews Sales Of 11 Flavored ENDS

Kaival Brands Innovations, a subsidiary of Kaival Holdings, is the largest distributor of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) such as vapes, vape pens, hookah pens, e-cigarettes, and e-pipes, as well as additional components manufactured by Bidi Vapor. The bidivapor.com website sells its main products: Bidi Stick and Bidi Pouch.

They differ in that the second product doesn’t contain tobacco nicotine and natural fibers are present. KAVL is trading at $1 in the pre-market. Although yesterday the price soared 93% to $1.21 after a month of inactivity.

Last September, Bidi Vapor’s BIDI Stick, distributed by Kaival, received a Marketing Denial Order (MDO) from the FDA, resulting in the company filing a lawsuit against the FDA. According to the CEO, the scientific data obtained from clinical trials and behavioral studies of Bidi Vapor were reliable and suitable for protecting health. The MDO caused a sharp stop in the purchase of BIDI Stick from both wholesale and retail goods.

Kaival Brands was happy to announce yesterday that the US Court of Appeals has suspended the MDO judgment. This solution allows to market BIDI Stick, including tobacco, menthol, and flavored products, and restore sales.