Kama Chameleons Will Be The World’s First Create To Earn Utility And NFT Sensation

After years of experimenting on genetically modified organisms, the test subjects of Project Kama Amazon Jungle escaped and formed their own society in the jungle. The Kama project is a blockchain-based project that pairs the benefits of cryptocurrencies with physical objects. Its goal is to create fiat wealth through the use of KAMA$. The goal of the project is to disrupt the NFT industry and provide utilities that will improve the way we do business. With a team of experienced developers, the project was built to deliver commercial projects. A world-first creator-to-earn utility that rewards creative holders with KAMA$ tokens.

The events will be held in both digital and physical mediums. Each holder will be given a physical Kama artwork. All participants will have the ability to vote on the direction of the project. Gifting to the holders will be an option for allocation. There are also various options for developing new features and donating to charity. More than $15,000 will be donated to various causes, including cancer research, mental health, and heart disease research.