Kandi Surges While Demand For K27 and K23 Rises

Finally, North America has EV with a starting price from $12,499 while 5 people can fit inside. Kandi arrives in the U.S with two models for now. K27 and K23 models surprise many interested car fans especially low budget EV seeking drivers.

On 15 million shares KNDI rises from $8.71 to $10.04 today. After announcing a virtual launch which is scheduled on August 18, Kandi grew significantly as it was the top gaining stock of the day. NASDAQ: KNDI is still a penny stock that is offered under $10. NASDAQ: TSLA and KNDI will soon start having the same pattern of movement since these companies are offering only EVs.

After the upcoming launch, KNDI could surge due to largely known models directly from China. If the management decides to build an extra manufacturing plant in the West KNDI will rise higher as TSLA, AYRO, NKLA did recently.