Kandi Technologies Enters Into A Glam Agreement With Hunan

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc today announced that it has signed a framework agreement with a leading Chinese automobile manufacturer to develop and produce battery-swap-enabled electric vehicles. Through the partnership, the two companies will develop and produce pure electric vehicles, which will be sold under the Henghe brand name. Hengrun is a China-based automobile manufacturer that specializes in the research, design, development, manufacture, and after-sale service of automobiles. It is one of the few companies that can meet the requirements to produce complete vehicles. Hu Xiaoming, the Chairman of Kandi, said that the company is honored to partner with such a prominent automobile manufacturer. With over 50,000 electric vehicles under its belt, and with its extensive battery-swap patents, Kandi has a significant advantage in this area.

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Kandi Technologies Group is a China-based manufacturer of pure electric vehicle components and off-road vehicles. All the essential operations go through the Zhejiang Kandi Vehicle and other companies that are in work with Kandi Technologies. These divisions, as well as its US-based subsidiary, Zhejiang Kandi Smart Battery Technology Co., Ltd., are known as leading manufacturers of electric vehicle parts in China.

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