Keanu Reeves Appears As Forrest Gump in The Fakening via Instagram and YouTube

Social network’s beloved Keanu Reeves replaces Tom Hanks in short fragments of Forrest Gump movie. A popular user of Instagram – The Fakening tried his best in making Keanu Reeves look real. Even in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game, Johny Silverhand has some animation elements on his face. If we look at the video closely while Forrest talks, his facial expression is really just like Keanu Reeves played the main role. There are many deep faking apps that are used mostly on Windows like Zao, Deep Art, Avenge Them and more. Instagram’s popular user does not mention which app he used.

keanu reeves as forrest gump

When he runs there are no emotions coming from the face but when he talks to a woman next to him the facial integration is fantastically amazing.

There are more than eight thousand views on Instagram but on Youtube, they can’t reach 3 000 as the deep fake creator has 11 000 subscribers there while Instagram fans are about 150 000.