Khadas VIM3L Testing, Raspberry Pi 4 Has No Light Version

Demand for the single-board computer is soaring since its design and performance continuously improve. Thus, new companies emerge to offer an optimal solution to SBC users. Today we are going to look at Khadas VIM3L which is yet to come to the market with a price of $50. On the company’s official store there is an HTPC kit that has remote control and case. Raspberry Pi 4 does not have such kit while third-party firms offer different compatible units. I think Pi 4 is overhyped on social media, especially on Youtube while other great brands have unique SBC that could acquire a vital competitive advantage. VIM3 is more powerful than VIM3L since L stands for light. Right now Android 9.0 resides inside VIM3L however, you could install other OS according to your priorities.


This light model has an Amlogic S905D3 CPU that has 4 cores and 1.9GHz frequency clock. Its GPU comes as Mali G31MP2 which got a frequency clock of 800MHz. The tiny computer could have LPDDR4 2GB RAM like laptops of the early 2000s. 16GB SD-based storage is granted with a USB slot that can add extra memory.

Khadas VIM3L Testing


Very famous ETA Prime YouTube channel shares three VIM3L benchmark tests comparing with VIM3. In Antutu VIM3 Amlogic A311 has 134643 scores but VIM3L Amlogic S905D3 scored only 74349 which tells very weak performance comes from the light model.

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Geekbench shows the same scenario: VIM3 is like iPhone 11 Pro while VIM3L is iPhone 11 which has weaker technology employed inside.

The poor performance of VIM3L is shown in Sling Shot Extreme as well.

VIM3L can’t be a rival to Raspberry Pi 4 but VIM3 could challenge with its unique features. In pricing, Pi 4 wins since starting $35 price make VIM3L lose customers. I think Khadas should decrease VIM3 series prices to $35 for bigger revenue.

Source: ETA Prime via YouTube