Kinross Gold (K.TO) Announces About Signing Agreement With Government Of Mauritania

Kinross Gold (K.TO) stock, after decreasing from C$8.04 on June 21 to C$7.83 on June 22, the price increased to C$7. 97 on June 24. Having fallen from C$7.97 to C$7.75 on June 29 and then the stock rose to C$8.08 on July 6. However, the price declined by fluctuating to C$7.70 on July 12. Finally, after climbing from C$7.70 to C$8.14 on July 15, the stock sharply dropped to C$7.82 on July 16.
On July 15, Kinross Gold (K.TO) is Canadian gold mining company with mines and projects in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Mauritania, Chile, and Ghana, reported that for the signing of the final agreement with the Government of Mauritania to issue creating more confidence in the economy of Tasiast. The Agreement reaffirms the same basic terms of the agreement signed on 15 June 2020, of which continuation of fuel tax exemption.

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Next is reimbursement by the Kinross Government of approximately $40 million in unpaid VAT refunds. The Company pays $10 million to the Government to resolve disputes. Introduction of an updated structure of rising royalties tied to the price of gold, legislation in force in Mauritania in mining policy, and comparable to other royalties in the region. The last one is the appointment of two observers by the Government to the Board of Directors of the Kinross subsidiary, operating mine Tasiast.

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