Knockoff Tokens Of SHIB And DOGE Are Rising: One Of Them Is Blasting Off 1600%

Yesterday, ELONOM, a token inspired by DOGE and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, has soared more than 1600% to $27,56, but today it lost 85%. At the moment, the coin is 68% lower than its record high ($86,68), which was reached on October 30. Together with ELONOM, tokens such as Chihuahua (HUA), Shiboki (SHIBOKI), King Shiba (KINGSHIB), and DogeWarrior (DWR) experienced substantial acceptance at press time. HUA has grown by almost 64% in 24 hours to $0,000000007267. During the last 5 days, SHIBOKI increased by 184% to $0,00001307, which is considered the biggest jump among the above coins. And the last token reached its maximum this morning ($0,00002979).

Meme token' shiba inu hits record high, closing in on dogecoinKINGSHIB also rose to an all-time high of $0.196 on Thursday. And today the currency fell by 21% to $0.07485. A billboard in Times Square, New York, has been promoting ELONOM. The project announced on Twitter that its holders received $80,000 in Binance USD awards. “Paid over $80K in BUSD rewards to holders,” they wrote. When KINGSHIB’s Ethereum contract was live for 24 hours, the project burned 10 million tokens on the BSC platform.