Kopin Tripled in 2021: What’s The Buzz?

One of the ways of identifying stocks is by checking out the gains made over the course of the calendar year and in that regard, the Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) stock could be worth looking into. The Kopin stock has recorded remarkable gains of as big as 190% so far in 2021.

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On Tuesday, the stock rallied further and grew as high as 30% after it made a major announcement. The company announced yesterday that it signed a development agreement with leading medical technology company HMDmd.

Kopin is involved in the microdisplay technology space and its collaboration with HMDmd could be a significant one. HMDmd is a relatively small outfit that is involved in manufacturing wearable products with displays. The two companies are going to collaborate on a new head work product that is meant for surgeons. It will enable those surgeons to get access to live information while performing a surgical procedure. It could be the right time to add Kopin to the watch lists.

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