Kverse Is The New Token With Lots Of Possibilities For Passive Income

KVERSE is a decentralized project that uses the power of mass marketing to provide participants with an opportunity to earn passive income on the Binance market. By joining the NFT community users are able to enjoy the social interactions it has to offer. KVERSE is a decentralized project built around the NFT’s token and its holder will earn passive income by holding it or NFTs itself. Its holders will also receive special access to various perks. Best GPUs to mine while they are affordable.

NFTs can be sold through our Marketplace, where 10% of the transaction price goes to the minters and token holders. NFTs can be equipped with skin to play in the play-to-earn game, which will enable users to interact with each other. KVERSE will have various mini-games that allow users to interact and play and earn passive income on the side with no difficulties or any extra setup to join.