Kyoko Coin Public Pre-Sale is Now Live at Polkastarter

  • A peer to Peer exchange, cross-chain GameFi provider, the Kyoko crypto project is prepping for conquering the metaverse
  • Kyoko Public pre-sale has already started at Polkastarter
  • CCAL game is to launch this year’s fall

We are tired of banks and money transfer services that charge unreasonable fees. Gamers are tired of expensive games that monetize their platforms with pay-to-play features. That’s why several crypto projects are here to crash this ruthless system. One of them is the Kyoko crypto project which has its own token, DAO-to-DAO lending, GameFi, and marketplace. Kyoko is now spreading its token gradually to any available token marketplaces. Soon we may see it on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

Today Kyoko is going public to raise $3 million for funding the next elements like a marketplace, P2E game lending, DAO to DAO credit giving. At the time of writing, Kyoko has reached 29% of its fundraising goal. Hopefully, tomorrow the crypto project should sell all the allocated tokens at Polkastarter. The price of each Kyoko is $0.1 now. Official IDO will start on March 30, 2022, when the token may have a different price.

A very good about Kyoko is its CCAL game project where people have a lending market for guilds and players. Let’s wait for this promising crypto project while its coin is cheap.kyoko coin