Laredo Oil (LRDC) Pops 70% On the Recent Oil Price Boom

On 1.3 million shares long time flat moving Laredo Oil (LRDC) is finally breaking out by surging to $0.2340 from $0.1375. Once it jumps over 20% short squeeze loving gamblers might gather around the shares buying in bulks since it is extremely cheap for a while. LRDC could soar because of these factors:BLM seeking input in spending $250M on abandoned oil and gas wells

  • The U.S and its allies warn skyrocketing oil and gas prices after rejecting Russian energy products
  • Current bullish crude oil prices
  • Bell2Bell Podcast with Laredo Oil’s CEO Mark See

For brutal aggression on Ukraine Russia is being hit by merciless sanctions from the U.S and its allies while Ukrainian officials ask immediate action to freeze any relations for stopping the bloody war.

Since OPEC+ members have limited oil production the oil price was gaining slowly but after Russia invaded its neighbor the crude oil and natural gas have become as expensive as they were before Crimean annexation in 2014.

Five days ago Mark See, Laredo’s CEO had a podcast on Bell2Bell of Investor Brand Network. He highlighted the main goal of the company which is operating for 40 years in the oil and gas industry. Mark See also mentioned key factors that impact Laredo while they could be social, political, ESG.