Latest Asus Drivers For Windows 10 Include ATK Package, Smart Gesture & Legacy Nvidia Graphics Driver BSOD Issue Fix

Windows 10 is the best Operating System for Asus laptops but it has some hardware compatibility flaws and constant driver issues after the automatic updates affecting the Asus ATK Package (Hotkey related-utilities), Keyboard Filter, Smart Gesture Touchpad, USB Charger Plus and Nvidia old GPU drivers. Normally, these issues are usually happening to old legacy Asus laptops from 2009 till 2017. In official Asus driver webpages you may not find exact latest drivers for your specific model and as a result Own Snap team has decided to assist Asus users to download from latest driver collection that are 100% compatible in a single page.

ATK Package

Smart Gesture

USB Charger Plus



Graphics Card

Card Reader

Ethernet LAN






  • Following files are coming from Asus official servers and no adware included.
  • All files are in ZIP format, easy way to extract using legit WinRAR software.
  • Driver installation sequence must be started from ATK Package Driver first.
  • My Asus App has Battery Lifespan Saving Feature, download it from Microsoft Store.

ATK Package Driver

Asus laptops have a base system software called ATK Package Driver that manages Keyboard Filter FN key, Brightness Control, Volume Control, Media Shortcuts and BIOS recognition. Therefore, whenever Windows 10 update finishes installation you have to install ATK Package Driver immediately before any drivers. Many Asus notebooks are using 64 bit Windows 10. Usually, ATK package solves many Asus laptop issues including touchpad function, bios flash recognition and WiFi key function.

Latest ATK Package x86 Driver (32 bit)

Latest ATK Package x64 Driver (64 bit) 

Asus Smart Gesture Touchpad Driver

Not proper functioning Smart Gesture Touchpad Driver is the most problematic story among Asus users. Frequently, after Windows 10 update you may see Smart Gesture icon in taskbar not glowing according to your gestures, sometimes scroll function also disappears and double tap pop up menu feature got crashed too. So right after ATK package installation done you must install latest Smart Gesture Driver. Miraculously, it will solve not working Asus touchpad.

Latest Smart Gesture 32 bit Driver (x86)

Latest Smart Gesture 64 bit Driver (x64)

USB Charger Plus

USB Charger Plus utility driver allows Android and iOS smartphones to charge rapidly using any Asus USB ports. Only 64 bit version is available right now. Windows 10 update removes USB Charger Plus driver due to incompatible upgrades. Solution here is only to download back latest version below.

Latest USB Charger Plus 64 bit Driver (x64) Only

Wireless LAN or Asus WiFi Driver

Here is the tricky driver installation where you need to pay attention to your Asus laptop’s WiFi adapter. Easy way to identify the adapter type is to look at the bottom of your Asus laptop. Most Asus machines support Qualcomm Atheros chipset, so few of them have Broadcom ones. In the gaming laptops you can notice Intel or Realtek adapters.

Latest Qualcomm Atheros 64 bit Driver (x64) 
 Latest Broadcom 64 bit Driver (x64)
Latest Intel Pro Set 64 bit Driver (x64) 
Latest Realtek 64 bit Driver (x64)

Bluetooth Driver

Meanwhile if you got WiFi driver into right installation then Bluetooth software also will be easier because both share same chipset. Mostly, Windows 10 update guesses right driver and you don’t need to download these drivers unless Asus Bluetooth adapter icon disappears.

Latest Qualcomm Atheros 64 bit Driver (x64)
Latest Broadcom 64 bit Driver (x64)
Latest Intel Pro Set 64 bit Driver (x64)   
Latest Realtek 64 bit Driver (x64)

Asus Nvidia and AMD Graphics Driver

Recent Windows 10 builds are very prone to get Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues especially caused by Nvidia drivers installed after Windows automatic updates. Most affected graphics cards are GT535M, GT610M, GT635M, GT710M, GT740M and other legacy cards. To solve this problem, you have to download Specific GeForce Driver 381.65. After that, it’s obligatory to install GeForce Experience Software to stay up to date from Nvidia servers. For latest Intel drivers, you may rely on stable Intel Support Assistant Utility to update frequently. On the other hand, AMD users also have issues with BSOD sometimes caused by old driver clashes. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose clean install once Radeon Relive Software requests from you.

Stable Nvidia GeForce 64 bit Driver (x64)

Stable AMD Radeon 64 bit Driver (x64)

Intel Driver Support Assistant 64 bit Utility (x64)

Card Reader

Perfectly installed Card Reader from Windows servers doesn’t bring any issues but anyway you may install latest version to run with peace in your mind.

Latest Realtek 64 bit Driver (x64)
 Latest Alcor 64 or 32 bit Driver
Latest Genesys 32 or 64 bit Driver
Stable Ricoh 32 or 64 bit Driver
Ethernet LAN

Lan is a basic connection for all computer machines. This is why Windows 10 update already has basic drivers for Ethernet LAN adapter provided from Microsoft servers. Anyhow, staying up to date is the best option.

Latest Intel LAN 64 bit Driver (x64)
Latest Realtek LAN 64 bit Driver (x64)
Audio Driver For Asus

Some users reported in Asus forum that laptop microphone is making hissing sound and not recording. This is why latest driver from Realtek, VIA and Conexant may help to stabilize audio functions after fresh Windows 10 installation.

Latest Realtek Audio 64 bit Driver (x64)

VIA Audio Vinyl 64 bit Driver (x64)

Conexant Audio 64 bit Utility (x64)
Chipset (Internal Circuit Drivers)

Best way to install Intel chipset related drivers is to get Intel Driver Support Assistant Utility. For some people, Asus original factory web page provided drivers are suited well with no issues. Remarkably, popular issues here in Asus laptops are “device manager shows pci simple communications controller” and “Trusted Execution Engine Interface” got errors. Don’t worry for these minor problems, just follow step by step driver installation sequence starting from Chipset, Intel Management Engine, Trusted Execution Engine, Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework (DPTF), Intel Serial IO, Intel Serial IO GPIO and Intel Integrated Sensor Solution.

Chipset Coffee Lake 9th Gen 64 bit (x64)
Chipset Kaby Lake 7th & 8th Gen 64 bit (x64)
Chipset Sky Lake 6th Gen 64 bit (x64)
Chipset Cherry Trail Celeron & Pentium 64 bit (x64)
Intel Management Engine Interface 64 bit (x64)
Intel Trusted Execution Engine 64 bit (x64)
Intel Trusted Execution Engine Braswell Pentium & Celeron 64 bit (x64)
Intel Serial IO 64 bit (x64)
Intel Serial IO GPIO 64 bit (x64)
DPTF Kaby Lake 7th & 8th Gen 64 bit (x64)
DPTF SkyLake 6th Gen 64 bit (x64)
DPTF Cherry Trail Celeron & Pentium 64 bit (x64)
Integrated Sensor Solution Kaby Lake 7th & 8th Gen 64 bit (x64)
Integrated Sensor Solution SkyLake 6th Gen 64 bit (x64)

Latest Power4Gear Hybrid 64 bit Driver (x64)                              Thunderbolt 64 bit Driver (x64)

Elantec (Old Asus Models) Touchpad 64 bit Driver (x64)               Asus Instant ON 64 bit Driver (x64)

Asus Touchpad Handwriting 64 bit Driver (x64)                           Synaptics Fingerprint 64 bit Driver (x64)

Asus Keyboard Hot Keys 64 bit Driver (x64)                                 Validity 64 bit Driver (x64)                               

Asmedia USB 3.0 64 bit Driver (x64)                                            ICE Sound Audio Wizard 64 bit Driver (x64)

Fresco USB 3.0 64 bit Driver (x64)                                               Asus Battery Health Charging 64 bit Driver (x64)

BIOS Upgrade Winflash

It is recommended NOT to upgrade to latest BIOS unless you are having serious hardware issues recently. Winflash software provides BIOS upgrading assistance, while updating the BIOS please DO NOT remove the power plug or press any key. Before deciding to upgrade to newer BIOS version you must know your exact model number from the bottom of the laptop sticker or simply type in windows key search “System Information” then in first page see the system model name. If your laptop running well then upgrading to new BIOS is not necessary.

Winflash 32 bit (x86)                                             Winflash 64 bit (x64)

Attention! Following Asus laptop models might be fixed by above-mentioned driver collection: Vivobook l402na, e201na, e203na, e202sa, x202e, x203m, e403na, x505z, x505b, x541s, x441m, x409, x407, x412f, x456u, x454y, x455l, x509fa, x453m,a550l, a556u, a43s, a555l, a510u, a53u, a55a, a52f, u32u, u32vj, k501u, k50ij, k43u, k46c, k42j, Zenbook ux305, ux330ua, ux333fa, ux331, um431d, ux433f, ROG g751jy, g750, gl552, g752vs, Eee PC x101 and etc. As long as your Asus laptop was manufactured from 2009 and onwards.

Most annoying problems after Windows 10 update are “Double tap touchpad key may not be working, smart gesture is not scrolling, display brightness is not working, volume FN (Function) key not working, bios flash utility says my Asus laptop is not compatible to software, keyboard backlight has no control, Asus Battery Health Charging is not working” and so on.

Beware, ASUS laptops are not made for cryptocurrency mining purpose due to limited cooling and weak GDDR6 memory optimizations.