Lazio Fan Skyrockets: Here Is What You Should Know

During the last 24 hours of trading, the token declined by more than 0.3% with a trading volume of $474,175,765. Today, it was announced by Binance that it has finished the subscription format Launchpad for Lazio Fan Token, and for now, you are able to find the result of the final token allocation on the official page of the Lazio Fan. More than 225,583 users committed approximately 8,110,631.9773 BNB on the time subscription, which demonstrates the oversubscription of 1,005x. Among them, 3 users achieved the 20,000 LAZIO hard cap.
Что такое Binance Smart Chain и как он работает - СryptographIn order to subscribe to the LAZIO, participants will have about 4 hours on Binance. Lazio Fan Token is considered the native token of the BEP-20. It was created in order to provide a new experience for the fans of S.S Lazio. It is offering to fan different ways to interact with the club. Additionally, the user can affect the decision of the club after the special rights to vote.

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