League of Legends Patch 9,18: Top Counterpicks For Every Warrior

We’re going to talk about which champions you need to consider picking up in order to counter the meta on patch 9.18. These pics are likely going to be solid counters for the next patch as well since the world is going to be planned for 9.19 we don’t expect any crazy balance changes right before worlds. So now it is definitely a good time to learn someone new. Let’s jump right into it.


Let’s start with top lane although we featured him in 9.16 were giving singed another run in our series we’re making an effort to not chase him though like we mentioned before Singe does well into a lot of popular picks, most notably he has high win rates versus Clad, Atrox, Jax and Pantheon. his ability to kite and chase makes him a nuisance for champions like these and he can create leads that he wants. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite and they’re going to have a very hard time laning versus him just like bruisers. Singed prefers to take longer trades with his poison. The issue is however he doesn’t want to allow his opponents to auto-attack him forcing them to chase into his poison. If they want to fight for extended periods of time when Singed starts to pull ahead he can either pressure kills in his opponents or pressure the rest of the map by proxying waves. Proxying waves allow him to create extended roam timers for himself where he can usually look for the enemy jungler teleport bottom or even roam mid. In the later stages of the game, he becomes a huge threat since he can make picks with righteous glory and soak a ton of damage during team fights.


Another counter pick we want to mention in the top lane is Mordekaiser while the hype around him has died down a little bit he is a great answer to some of the more keopi pics like Malphite and Allowi. He has other favorable matchups like Camille and Claude but also struggles versus some meta champions. Overall he is safe enough to blind pick but not the best one as a result of this one great thing about him though is that he deals magic damage making him a great way to round out your team’s damage splits. If you ever have an Ad mid laner Mordekaiser’s high damage output and ultimate makes it very difficult to safely fight him during laning phase. As the game starts to progress he becomes a team fighting terror and he’s also able to isolate his primary target and take them on a 1 v 1 showdown. Remember that you have a lot of versatility with your ultimate as well you can alt an easy target who has no hope of one day wanting you or use it as utility and a baron fight. You can alt the enemy jungler to disorient them or you can alt a fed enemy carry and try to hide from them in the jungle to waste their time regardless Mordekaiser is the epitome of a juggernaut. He hits hard while also providing that front light presence many teams desire especially in the late game. Here’s a quick recap for all of the builds that we mentioned in the top lane okay let’s move on to jungle.


While seeing a lot of players support, don’t forget that Volibear as well. He’s got to return back to the jungle eventually. Especially, since he’s got some great matchups. Luisi has a knock back on it allowing him to outplay many opponents who have dashes or channeled abilities. He’s also outright tanky giving his opponents a very hard time bursting him Your best bet is to force fights around objectives and/or gank lanes who have really good setup like any jungler. You can deny a vision to force your opponent’s to walk blindly into you and sneak in a sucker punch rather than you having to run headfirst at them, especially in lower elope where mechanics aren’t as well developed. We highly recommend Volibear because of his raw damage tackiness and simplicity. This patch we highly suggest him as a counter pick to Lee sin Jarvan VI and Rengar.


Our next jungle pick is EKKO. Jungle EKKO is not something new but it’s not where most players expect him to go secondary strengths of picking EKKO jungle is that it baits the enemy team into trying to counter pick a mid lane. Ekko has a solid magic damaging ability and holds a lot of presents as a diver as a result of these strengths he’s a great counter to many champions who rely on bursting and target down quickly. Evelyn Nocturne and Elise are all champions that Ekko is able to kill quickly because of his own burst and very little risk because he can always alt out. He’s also a good pick into Hecarim and Reksai because he’s able to disengage from them fairly well or try to fight it out if he lands a good stunt.  In terms of ganking, Ekko definitely isn’t too bad while his stun is difficult to land this just means that his skill ceiling is very high. At the end of the day, he has a gap closer a three-hit passive and deals bonus damage to lower health enemies. Being able to close the gap is crucial as this is how you’ll usually force your opponents to flash. This is where experience comes in. As you’ll eventually learn that you can aim your W to either predict your enemies flash or directly onto them while in the fog of war. His ultimate also allows him to commit with a little bit more safety even if he gets counter ganked he can always nope right on out of there by pressing R. Here’s a quick recap for all of the builds that we’ve mentioned in the jungle.


Let’s move on to the mid lane after several buffs Galio is finally at a point where he can feel a little bit less me more thee. For those skeptics out there last patch, he actually held a 51% win rate in the mid lane. Yes, we do miss his flash W and some players might still feel like he is weak. However, his statistics don’t lie and it’s about to be a great presence as a counter pick he’s a great pick into popular champions like a Collie Irelia and Silas while also countering several Opie champions like Katarina, Phys, LeBlanc, and Ekko. Versus melee champions, Gallio can constantly poke them out with Q whenever they get in range or want a farm, whenever they farm the melee minions they put themselves at risk of heavier trading from Gallo’s justice punch followed up by his other abilities. There’s also always the risk of having to take the brunt of Gallo’s full combo when he’s right next to you, all that he has to do is charge his taunt, catch U, press Q, then finish it with his E and an Auto Attack. This will usually take a hefty chunk from his opponents help bars forcing them to concede farm or risk dying in a second trade.


Pantheon is definitely a solid top laner at the moment but his strong laning presence also makes him a solid pick in the mid lane as well in the mid lane he’s better able to utilize his ultimate since he can roam to both side lanes much easier. Pantheon’s E also makes him a great counter to champions trying to burst him down like Zed, Keyonna and Ekko – his very strong all-in. On the other hand also allows him to threaten scaling champions like Vladimir as well. It’s difficult to farm up with Pantheon because you’ll have to eat a stun to the face followed up by his Q several times in lane. Once you get too low he gains access to the execute portion of his queue making him a very terrifying lane opponent.


Cassiopeia is our third mid lane pick her ground in terrifying all in also make her a great counter picked of Vladimir, Katarina, EKKO and Silas. Cassiopeia’s strengths are her pretty clear scaling well in dealing a lot of damage and also the ability to chase down foes as long as she lands her Q. Let’s talk about how matchups go a bit more against Vlad and champion like him. Cassio is able to punish any attempts at taking short and bursty trades with her Q and her E. Landing her Q provides her movement speed to chase while her E obviously lets her machine gun down her foes champions that heavily rely on ability for mobility such as Katarina, Ekko and Silas are going to heavily suffer while stuck in Cass’s miasma by the time they manage to walk out. They’ve already taken a huge chunk of damage and if they still commit they expose themselves to getting alt on. Here’s a quick recap for all of the builds that we mentioned for mid lane.

Miss Fortune

Let’s move on to the bot lane so this patch Miss Fortune received a buff on her E making it slow more impactful. Early on we’ve already mentioned in our other videos that she is a great niche counter pick and this buff should help her find her footing and really exploit her winning matchups. MF’s strong short trades also allow her to chunk her opponents and force them to back away from the minion wave. From there she can try to bounce her Q off of a minion to land some heavy damage afterward. At level 6 her all-in potential increases significantly putting champions who prefer extended fights in less than optimal circumstances. Champions like Caixa, Ezreal, and Lucian have a very difficult time finding favorable trades against MF’s machine viruses in mobility, also leaves them very prone to death. Anytime they get caught out they’re pretty sure to take an MF’s L to the face in response to two lane bullies Gin in Caitlyn receiving buffs.


his patch be ready to pull out Ash she’s not extremely difficult to play and can punish these pics relatively well. Ash has a range advantage over most marksmen and also enough to have an easier time than others when trying to trade OTO for Auto with Caitlyn the other thing is that her W has a very long range allowing her to poke out Caitlyn who typically wants to be the bully herself at level 6. She’s easily able to set up ganks or all in and her above-average extended trading, also allows her to come out on top in many situations Caitlyn’s lane phase, for example, becomes much more difficult once. Ash can shoot her ultimate at her and force a fight other champions like Gin and Caixa are prone to get poked out and also losing all ins as a result of Ash’s ultimate. In the case of champions like Draven Ash’s ultimate easily sets up ganks or follow up to burst him down before he can do anything. Limiting Draven’s potential to snowball. here’s a quick recap for all of the builds that we mentioned for ADC.


Finally, let’s talk about supports. Once again Janna is rising as a popular counter to other meta supports. Her movement speed disengages and shield make her a very difficult adversary for the likes of Pike, Thresh, Morgana, Leona and Racon. All these champions have crucial abilities to land and it’s very difficult to even get into position to try because of Jana’s tornado. She’s able to disengage any attempts of aggression in lane and even if her opponents do manage to finally get in range her nimbleness proves to be a second challenge her enemies have to face. When her enemies can’t progress Janna is free to use her W to slowly whittle down her opponents and eventually, pressure kills when they’re low enough. Later on into the game her utility and ability to reset fights is one of the best assets one can hope to have. She neutralizes many other supports who try too hard to engage and punishes them for it when they’re not executed well.


Our final pick is Racon, like Janna he’s nimble enough and hard to catch even if he gets caught out he can always jump back to his Lane partner by using E. On the flip side, he can poke with Q and/or W then jump out with his before solid trades once he hit 6 he’s able to convert good trades into kills. In lane especially when laning with Ziya reconnaissance champions like Thresh, Leona, Pike and Blitzcrank in two ways. He can either eat their CC and jump back to his lane partner or counter engaged with his own combo even if Leona were to land her abilities on recons laning partner he can use his W and his AR to lock up the enemy bot laner to keep his lane partners safe to come later into the game. His playmaking and mobility give him a lot more options than other supports and here’s a quick recap for all of the builds that we mentioned in the intro.