League of Legends: When and How to Set Freeze So Your Enemy Becomes Vulnerable

Even amateur players don’t even know when and how to set the freeze which delivers a chance to play safely in the lane so your opponent becomes vulnerable. If the enemy has more than 4 minions than yours set the freeze by dragging the minion wave down towards the river bush. The best time for the freeze is when you are arriving back to the lane and the enemy is not able to shove a wave into your tower. When you want to set up a gank for your jungler or you want to play safe set the freeze for the sake of winning, my friend. Do not set the freeze if you have ‘roam potential’ or need to help your jungler invade.

Basically, freeze tactics are quite dangerous if you blindly set it despite the enemy has fewer than 4 minions than yours. Poor jungler is left without help from you in invading the enemy’s territory when you set the freeze without analyzing what’s going on. I think enthusiast gamers should observe the best players gameplays to sharpen our experience in the freeze. Well-known player Faker exposes his clever strategies in dealing with other best players in the world. Learning from professionals might worth 10 years of self-learning. Thus, you save a lot of time.