Leverage Shares Public (NIO.L): What Is Going On With Shares For The Last Month?

Over the past month, Leverage Shares Public Limited’s shares have been highly volatile by fluctuating on a range of 344-427 points. The lowest point of 344 GBP was set on June 22: at that time, the values sharply dropped from 358 GBP. On the other hand, the slope was gradually increasing till the beginning of July. On July 1, the company peaked at 427 GBP with a 20 % gain in one week.

In July, the company’s chart was like a rail coaster: there were a lot of ups and downs. For example, just in ode day, the share prices declined from 427 GBP to 384 GBP. Next, if on June 6, the shares were evaluated at 396 GBP, then on July 8, they fell to 350 GBP. Since that, the company’s slope has been sharply swinging from 350 to 364 points daily. The last record set on July 13 results in 354 GBP with a 1.07 % gain.

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