Li Auto Breaks The Record For Vehicle Deliveries

Li Auto Inc., a Beijing-based company that produces intelligent electric SUVs, reported a 128% increase in the delivery of its cars on Chinese New Year’s Day. More than 12,000 cars were delivered in January. And at Li ONE, a luxury mid-size crossover SUV, the number of deliveries has reached 136,356 since the first day of release in the market, and in December last year the number reached up to 124,088 units. If you look at the chart for the first month of this year, you can see that the company’s stock has lost 19%. And February began with an increase of 1.53%, reaching up to $26.49.

Li Auto

It is worth noting that Li Auto has broken the record because for three months in a row the company has been supplying more than 10 thousand Li ONEs. This SUV took first place during the last Autonomous Emergency Braking test and is the only model that accurately identified intersecting vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles. To date, Li Auto has 220 stores and 276 service centers throughout China and abroad.