Life Clips (LCLP) Skyrockets By 2316% This Week: Worth Buying This Penny Stock?

Life Clips was pretty quiet on July 13, literally, the stock was trading at $0.0018 the whole. The next day, the fun started, the price skyrocketed by 2788%. It was a major jump for the stock as a penny stock in the market. As of the last trading session the stock was trading at $0.0435. Such a sudden huge rise might be caused by the trend of blockchain technology the company announced.
Life Clips has agreed to acquire Belfrics Group, a blockchain technology firm that operates cryptocurrency exchanges in India, Malaysia, and other countries. With a presence in over 10 countries, Belfrics has the capability to process over a million transactions per second.

Life Clips is pleased to announce that it has become current and settled its previous liabilities to its acquisition candidate. With the acquisition of Praveen, Life Clips is well-positioned to capitalize on the robust growth of the cryptocurrency industry. LCLP is gaining momentum and is moving up fast with heavy accumulation. Its potential breakout is looking like a blue-sky scenario!

Richard McEntire

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