Liquidus LIQ Burns 5 Million Tokens Worth Over $ 2 Million

Liquidus is describing itself as a useful tool to allow users to list their assets on DeFi platforms seamlessly. In addition, its function is to help clients earn more by showing a good investment for their assets. Liquidus transaction fees are 0.1%. Nevertheless, depending on the level, clients can reduce the percentage of commissions or withdraw them altogether; to get rid of the fee, you must have a titanium level. This level is determined by the number of LIQ tokens you have. In addition to these advantages, the presence of a coin also gives the opportunity to participate in polls for protocol management. If you have a desire to purchase this crypto, then below you will find information about its price.

Over the past 24 hours, the worth has risen 20% to $4.60. The highest price during this period was $ 4.82. For LIQ to become tradeable, Liquidus has triumphantly completed the provision of initial liquidity of 5 million tokens. Since the rest were unnecessary, they were burned, namely 4 million. As the price of LIQ popped, 1 million coins were added to this number, which was set aside for advisors, As a result, 5 million LIQs amounted to more than $ 20 million.