Litecoin (LTC) Dips: What’s Your Next Step?

Litecoin is currently on the 16th rank on the market with a market capitalization of more than $11,896,354,109. However, if we take a look at the chart for the last 24 hours, we can see that it is dropping from $183.32 to $168.40 with small volatility. The trading volume of this innovation is approximately $3,004,106,075. Actually, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that is mainly similar to Bitcoin. As it can be analyzed, the LTC is the decentralized cryptocurrency that is operating the portals which are alike to the protocol which Bitcoin is using.

What is Litecoin and How Can I Trade it? | CMC MarketsIt also relies on the proof of work for the consensus and it is working on the peer-to-peer network which does not require permission. With the help of this, the users can transfer their funds without the reliance of the authority. This innovation was created by Charlie Lee in October 2011 and it is examined as one of the earliest alternative cryptos. Its first block was mined on 7th October 2011.

Agneta Johansen

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