Locafy (LCFY) Stock Strives To Restore Initial Price: Local SEO Firm Helps Landing Page To Be On the First Page But Fails To Push Its Shares Up

Last Friday Locafy has managed to be listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol of “LCFY” and raise $6 million in funds. However, the stock fell from its initial $4.12 price to $3.34 on the first day. Today it is surging 13% on more than 10 million volume.

Some investors are not familiar with search engine optimization or SEO and its importance for any business which runs locally. For example, restaurants, hostels, hotels, motels, canteens, pubs, coffee shops, grocery shops are so much focused on optimizing their landing web pages to put them on the first page of Google or Bing for specific keywords that are related to the place and niche.

There are so many SEO agencies that did not go public yet. Seeing Locafy shares open to the public is an unreal miracle. Webmasters of any organization should advise their top managers and other colleagues to buy LCFY shares as the company is still fresh and ready to generate an enormous amount of revenue.

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