Lofi Defi (LOFI) Jumps 23% Today: LOFI Is Recognized As The Largest Launch In The History Of DeFi, Time To Buy?

LOFI token continues to grow throughout the week. The token price today is $0.000040. LOFI pops 23.09% within an hour. The LOFI-DEFI platform is a social sphere that unites artists, musicians, as well as investors with an integrated NFT market, gallery and social indicators so that users can discover new talents. LOFI will be used on the LOFI-DEFI platform for tips, subscriptions and NFT purchases. Connecting creators and investors in the Binance smart chain.

Over the past two weeks, the decentralized financial cryptocurrency startup LOFI-DEFI has received intense social recognition for what is considered the largest fair launch in the history of DeFi. Tens of thousands of investors gathered in the united international Telegram communities to wait for the launch of their own LOFI token. Currently, LOFI-DEFI violates the norms of DeFi, being not only registered on a decentralized exchange (pancakeswap), but also registered on a centralized exchange, WhiteBit. Pancakeswap is one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the entire cryptocurrency and regularly sees daily volumes ranging from $500 million to $1 billion.