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LoL: Strategically Placing Pink Wards, Fog of War For Fake Gank

Most players don’t realize where they place pink wards that leads to a smart strategy. They don’t really think why they placed pink wards on random locations. For the strategic way you want to place them on the side of the lane you are looking to play around. You need to have a vision where you exactly go if you intend to be roaming towards the desired place. So you can go into the river without going blind because placing on the side of the lane gives you some extra vision in case you retreat for a while.

fog of war in lol

Quite a lot of players do not understand what fog of war can do for them in the early game. If you get a shove the enemy into their tower and they are just CSing under your tower. In case you don’t have a pressure on them and you can’t really poke them anymore don’t just sit in lane being seen for enemy mid laner. Look to dip down into the bush, dip into the fog of war to where they can’t see you. By doing that even if you don’t roam, making a place somewhere around the map. It’s pressure on the map, the enemy mid laner will be spamming missing pings, the enemy bot laner won’t be able to play aggressively or enemy top laner can’t play agressively because you have a threat roaming over to that lane. So often going into the fog of war id way better than roaming yourself.