LolMiner Fully Unlocks RTX 3080 12GB LHR Variant Reaching Up To 112 MH/s Eth Hahsrate

RTX 3080 12GB variant finally receives 100% LHR unlock from lolMiner team. On the other hand, Nvidia is turning desperate to sell GPUs amid Ethereum mining ends this year soon according to Eth developers’ firm decision. Cheap GPUs flood the eBay and Amazon listings at a lower cost than MSRP prices.

RTX 3080 mining hashrate 12GB Eth

Eternal proof of work Ethereum Classic miners may still want newer GPUs on their mining row setup with latest improved LHR unlock hashrate for RTX 3000 cards. Crypto mining enthusiast CRYPTODONKEYMINER stumbled upon something amazing, finding out RTX 3080 12GB card could produce 111.6 MH/s Eth hashrate speed using latest lolMiner 1.53 update within Hive OS realm.

Careful settings on RTX 3080 12GB applied to get more juice while consuming up to 301W from the wall. Most Eth miners use 2200-2400MHz on Memory clock, core clock set at 1200MHz and power limit put around 220-250W.

Hoping into mining world can be risky decision since Ethereum is the largest blockchain with proof of work algorithm backed by strong community. Alternatives to Ethereum are Flux, Ergo, Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Firo and Neoxa coin. Will they skyrocket like Ethereum did in the past? That’s the hardest question miners ask from crypto experts. Some miners became millionaires when they held mined coins over time.