Loopring Sums Up The Results Of The 3rd Quarter

Loopring is an open protocol that was built on Ethereum’s zkRollup solution for transfers and payments. No one should trust anyone, so assets are always controlled by the owners. It’s also guaranteed 100% security at the Ethereum level. Today, its LRC token is trading at the highest price in the last 3 years, starting in February 2018. November was the impetus for the beginning of growth. Yesterday, the price was $ 1.36, it was growing all 24 hours, eventually reaching $ 1.84.

ᐉ Криптовалюта Loopring (LRC). Курс. График. Обзор 2019According to Loopring management, 2021 was very productive, as in the first quarter it was engaged in new product launches, in the next quarter, even if there were fewer launches, it was engaged in learning lessons for working on the second generation of its main products. In the third quarter, they continued to release new issues. It secured L2 support for Loopring NFT this quarter and created a new wallet with Counterfactual Loopring that will help achieve the protocol’s goal of getting as many people as possible to cryptocurrency. This wallet has a try-before-you-buy option that eliminates the upfront wallet creation costs when withdrawing your funds to L1. This will attract new users who can make instant and very cheap deals with no entry fees.