Lootex Jumps For Big Changes In The Metaverse

Lootex is a cross-chain game item marketplace that aims to provide its users with the convenience and efficiency of buying and selling game assets. Lootex will also release its native platform token $LOOT, which will allow its users to receive an in-game score system called “Grub’s Point”. The total supply of $LOOT is 100,000,000 tokens. Its tokens are distributed on every chain that Lootex accepts and will be supported by other blockchains throughout 2022. Lootex has developed a treasury that will allow its users to maximize the value of their game assets.


The LootexDAO network will be made up of members who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the platform. Its token holders will have voting rights on the platform. In addition to being able to stake and lock their $LOOT tokens, users will also be rewarded with a Gamer’s Power score. To incentivize long-term stakers, Lootex will introduce a ranking system that ranks tokens according to their duration and lock period. The rewards that users will receive from the platform are based on their game’s rank and the badges they own.