Lossless Soars 49%: Will It Hit $1,35?

Today’s price for Lossless is $1.35, which is up 49.2% in the last 24 hours. Its coin supply is about 22 million. The Lossless protocol is an SDK that enables users to monitor and detect unauthorized transactions.

It also allows users to freeze any fraudulent transactions that are happening. Lossless protocol aims to decentralize the process of loss mitigation by allowing users to connect with other entities that can help prevent fraud.

This protocol is a piece of code that enables token creators to insert their tokens into their accounts. It enables Lossless to freeze all fraudulent transactions. The goal of Lossless is to provide a proof-of-staking platform that will allow users to find and report hack sightings. It will also allow bots to automatically spot and report suspicious activities. The Lossless Decision-making body will be composed of various public figures and investors with a significant share in $LSS tokens.