LPDDR5 Memory Will Be Powering Intel Tiger Lake U CPUs According To Strong Leaks

Upcoming Tiger Lake U 10nm processors from Intel are set to power mainstream laptops and tablets with up to 4 Core 8 Thread configuration. Fortunately, abrupt news came out from online database of Eurasian economic commission about LPDDR5 memory will be supported by Tiger Lake U CPUs next year.

Specific details were mentioned inside the documentation to approve this chips ready to be sold in Eurasian market. LPDDR4X also mentioned here together with faster upgrade LPDDR5 memory. The incredible advantage for using LPDDR5 memory DRAMs is getting more than double speed of DDR3L type and tremendous integrated graphics performance due to higher frequency above 4000MHz. Thanks to twitter user Komachi_Ensaka for informing quick valuable news. Now many laptop lovers would love to see AMD’s move onto next generation low powered DDR5 memory to enhance it’s upcoming Renoir APUs for laptop and desktop segments.