Lucid Is Now Openning Its Auto Studio In California

With the opening of its 21st studio location, the company continues to expand its reach in California’s luxury electric vehicle market. This new facility joins the company’s existing service centers in key markets such as Chicago, Houston, and Costa Mesa.

The company’s continued expansion will allow it to provide even more people with the most advanced electric vehicles in the world. Lucid Studio design is fully changed with a highly pleasant environment where clients can review and test their future electronic vehicles with great luxury design. There are multiple models available in the studio with prices ranging from $77K to $139K with taxes included.

The company continues to increase its customer offerings, Lucid’s service centers are an integral part of meeting many of the core principles of providing an unmatched ownership experience. Lucid’s worldwide network of service centers and fixing facilities to be connected with many clients through a big network to be able to use online, without leaving their homes.