Lucid Lands Flies Over The Edge Whilst Hitting New Highs

The live price of Lucid Lands is now $0.151978. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $6,748,954. Lucid Lands is a 3D game that combines 2D joints in an NFT marketplace. Every game character has a unique set of value in rarity and skills, that later on will be used for instant trading in the market.  There are two types of NFTs in Lucid Lands’ universe: the 3D animated Hero NFT and the 2D non-animated Pet Collective NFT. Players can customize their pets’ visual appearance.

Users can buy any of the following NFTs on the market: Hero NFT, Pet NFT, and the latest version of the game, Lucid Lands. Its decentralized NFT market is powered by the LLG blockchain. While playing Lucid Lands, players can earn opportunities through the platform’s robust community and social features. The contrast between classical simple games and Lucid Lands is that it uses the economics of blockchain design to encourage with token bonuses its players. Created by a group of developers who first met playing Crypto kitties, it was their first attempt at introducing Blockchain technology to the world.