Lucky Block Is Now Available On PancakeSwap

Lucky Block is a BSC-based crypto lottery platform. This project focuses on transparency and fairness in gaming and strives to provide a safe investment strategy, as well as to hold lotteries in which every player is a winner – when connecting a wallet to its application, each LBLOCK holder, regardless of his participation in the lottery, will receive dividends from each jackpot. Today LBLOCK had soared 88% to $0.016 as of 8 pm before it dropped to $0.0013 with a market cap of $44,807,481.

Lucky Block

The other day, the launch of the token took place on PancakeSwap, after 14 days of waiting. The developers explained this by the fact that all pre-sale tokens were bought 2 weeks earlier than expected. At that time, the total number of holders reached 9,000, and the collected amount was about 6 million dollars. Lucky Block differs from other projects in that 10% of ticket revenue is donated to charity. Moreover, holders have the opportunity to choose the charitable organizations where to send money. $5,000 has already been donated to the British Red Cross since its launch.