Luminar Technologies Is Partnering With One Of The Best Tech Companies: For What Purpose?

Luminar Technologies is a 9 year old American company that has 2 sectors. One of them develops and manufactures sensors using lidars, as well as equipment and software for cars and trucks. The second sector designs and tests special microcircuits for government organizations. In the last 6 months, the price of LAZR reached its highest price of $25,25. 2 months after the peak, the worth fell to the lowest one of $14,83. However, the cost hasn’t changed since mid-August. During this entire period, the stock trades between $17,5 and $14.

Two leading companies in their respective industries, lidar maker Luminar Technologies and GPU maker Nvidia, have teamed up to create the off-the-shelf products that self-driving car manufacturers need. The lidar is very important in creating such machines, as it is a laser radar that allows them to see at a great distance. These data obtained by the lidar are undoubtedly processed on a special computer. Nvidia product supplies the computer with processing power. Automotive production has plummeted recently due to a shortage of semiconductors, causing Nvidia’s sales to fall 16% to $ 576 million from last year. However, these are not entirely bad indicators.