Lunar Is Going To Be Listed On One Of The Best Exchanges

Lunar is a DeFi project created with the aim to combine in one platform and simplify cryptocurrency and NFT trading process by providing a convenient user interface. It has a serving BSC token, LNR, whose function is to enable continuous trading on the platform and distribute passive reflections.

Its total supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 LNR tokens, and the transaction tax is 12%. The CMC chart shows that the LNR price instantly rose by 15% to $0.0000000277 yesterday. However, it dropped as quickly as it surged. The worth has been gradually rising over today, resulting in the current price of $0.0000000263 with a market capitalization of $24,444,932.

Lunar wishes you all a happy Lunar New Year. Also, it shares the latest news and updates on progress. So, Lunar will soon appear on one of the top crypto exchanges. Its community has grown as 8 professionals have joined. Regarding marketing, it said that it was collaborating with influential ones on Instagram and YouTube to increase awareness. And the last one of the important news, the opening of a Lunar store with its own branded goods will soon take place. It’s collaborated with a talented agency to create quality and elegant clothes.